Alphabetical Order:

  • 1017
    Also known as The Return and The Sky to the Spackle, 1017 is a Spackle. Introduced in book two, this is a Spackle who grew up domesticated in Haven. Forced to work for a violent owner, he falls in love with his ‘one in particular’, the other Spackle in the household. However, he is killed, and 1017 grows angry and vengeful, directing this hate at Todd Hewitt, because Todd (also known as “the Knife”) knows better when he tortures Spackle.
  • Aaron
    Aaron is the priest of Prentisstown. He spends most of the first book following Todd and trying to get Todd to murder him. He killed Manchee and was killed himself when Viola stabbed him through the neck with Ben’s hunting knife.
  • Ben
    Bennison Moore, commonly known as Ben, is Todd’s father figure. Ben and Cillian were friends of Todd’s parents so when they died, they took in Todd. He convinced Cillian to come to New World with him and he farms wheat and sheep on their farm with Todd and Cillian. Ben is kind and his noise is blue or sometimes green, as said by Todd.
  • Bradley
    Bradley is a human settler who comes to New World on the second settler ship. He is a caretaker on Beta and knows Viola and her parents before they leave on the first scout ship. Bradley journeys on the second scout ship with Simone to find out what happened to the Eades. They land near to New Prentisstown.
  • Cillian
    Cillian Boyd, commonly known as Cillian, is one of Todd’s father figures. Ben and Cillian were friends of Todd’s parents so when they died, they took in Todd. Cillian was convinced by Ben to come to New World and he farms wheat and sheep on their farm with Todd and Ben. He and Todd fight a lot, but according to Ben, this is because he cares about him. Cillian’s noise is usually a reddish colour, as said by Todd.
  • Davy Prentiss Jr.
    Davy Prentiss Jr. is the son of Mayor Prentiss.
  • Jessica Elizabeth
    Jessica Elizabeth was the Mayor of New Elizabeth, which was renamed Prentisstown after her death. She predicted that the men would attack the women of New Elizabeth and she organised some girls and younger boys to leave through the swamp. She intended to go across the swamp and escape with all of the women and the men who didn’t want to kill them, but the rest of the men attacked before this could occur. She perished with the rest of the women of New Elizabeth.
  • Lee
    Lee is a member of The Answer. He joined The Answer to avenge his family.
  • Manchee
    Manchee is Todd Hewitt’s dog. Manchee first appears in The Knife Of Never Letting Go. Like all other animals, Manchee can speak through Noise, as well as through his mouth, a strange ability of the animals on new world. Todd got Machee for his twelfth birthday. He originally thought of Manchee as a nuisance, but their bond grows as they travel together to Haven.
  • Mathidle (Hildy)
    Mathilde (more commonly known as Hildy) is the wife of Tam. Hildy built the bridge that Todd and Viola crossed to get away from Prentisstown. They are the first people that Todd and Viola meet after leaving the swamp and Hildy is also the second female he had ever remembered meating.
  • Mayor Prentiss
    The antagonist of the books, mastermind behind the take over, and self proclaimed President of New World. He is the one who forced Prentisstown into War, and the one who plotted the start of the next Spackle war.
  • Mistress Coyle
    Mistress Nicola Coyle is a healer. She is introduced at the beginning of The Ask and The Answer. She is the leader of The Answer.
  • Simone
    Simone is from the the second scout ship and landed with Bradley on New World in Monsters of Men.
  • Tam
    Tam is the husband of Hildy. He is a very minor character in The Knife of Never Letting Go. He lives in his settler ship home with his wife. It is the nearest house to Prentisstown mentioned in the book and it is on the outskirts of Farbranch.
  • Todd Hewitt
    The protagonist of the series. Todd Hewitt is one month shy of turning thirteen when the trilogy begins. (Note that New World follows a thirteen month calendar.) Brought up by guardians Ben and Cillian, Todd was kept unaware of Prentisstown’s history until the late into first book. Mayor Prentiss prevented Todd from gaining an education, and consequently, Todd’s narrative is illiterate and unrestricted. He cannot read or write, a problem that has prevented him from reading his mother’s diary and communicating with Viola from the scout ship in book three (Monsters of Men). Throughout the novels, Todd is repeatedly pressured to murder another human being in order to fulfil Mayor Prentiss’ plans. However, his character is labelled unable to kill.
  • Viola Eade
    Part of a scouting party sent ahead by a group of new settlers. Viola, thirteen (twelve month calendar), crash-landed on New World with her parents, though they perished in the crash. She is found by Todd when he ‘hears’ her silence, as she has no noise. She is the first female he has seen (excluding the women he saw when he was young, which he can’t remember) and doesn’t talk to him at first. She shares items from her bag with him to assist them on their journey.
  • Wilf
    Wilf is a minor character in the Chaos Walking Trilogy. He is a man who is the most peaceful and honest of everyone in the New World. He is also incapable of deciet, according to the The Land, and The Sky.

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